She is my best friend even though she has left me forever

Part 1

shooting star and her smile

tonight is very annoying. all my family mad at me because of delinquency and idleness which I do every day. 

may I had made a mistake like makes the house a mess, eliminating anything that is at home or destroy something. but that’s the past, and now every problem there is something at home, everyone blames though me it was not my fault.

that night I went to my bedroom faster, like it was to leave this house and go to a place that no one else can care about me. I opened my window and looked toward the sky. I think there a planet in outer space could I live alone with dense green forests, crystal clear water flowing, vast seas and blue, cute animals, and certainly there’s no human except me.

suddenly a light speeding across from west to east broke my imagination. something I had never seen in my life, something that if all the people saw this they would make a wish. yeah right! it was a shooting star that I’ve been hearing from people and now I see it clearly. so beautiful that I did not have time to bow my head and make a wish, although a lot of requests from me that night.

as my eyes followed the journey of the star falls towards the east. I realized that I was not the only one who saw it happen. someone at the other side my window looked the stars with great expectations. I do not know what she was thinking that she was so serious and did not realize there was someone who had been watching her.

after the star was gone away somewhere where her head was bowed and when she would shut the window we were
looked at each other
I smiled to her and not long before she smiles back. it is one of the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen.

that night God gave me two very beautiful gift to me. it’s probably what reply I received from my family. My imagination of the planet I want to live alone changed within a few seconds. I want to stay in this world and saw a shooting star and her sweet smile every night.